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We are “The Times School”, focused on excellence.

Invest into a brighter future for your child by choosing The Times School where not only will your child excel academically, but also socially because we will give your child all the social skills to confidently do everything in life. We are committed to ensure learning experiences that will aid in our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.

Our Methodology

At Times School, our method of teaching is different from other schools. We focus more on explaining the topics rather than just burdening the students with them. We like to think outside the box and because of that ideology you will find that our teaching style involves much more than just the orthodox assignments. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that the student doesn’t get bored of any particular topic. We give each topic a new flavor and spice it up with exciting new activities. This teaching method has led to our students excelling in all subjects and becoming very successful upon graduating from our school. We make the journey unforgettable and the destination much more meaningful.

Our Staff

Another feather in The Times School cap is our staff. The teachers at The Times are some of the best you will find in this profession. With years of experience and innovative ideas, they take teaching to a whole new level. Each teacher maintains a very close relationship with each student and makes sure that the student is never feeling left behind or lost. With regular Progress Reports the teacher is able to monitor each student’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. If there are any weaknesses, the teacher immediately starts working on ways to help the student overcome the weaknesses.

Extra Curricular

We, at The Times School, believe that all children need to relax their minds every now and then. That is precisely why we have numerous activities throughout the school calendar year. From the most interesting plays to exciting debate competitions. You name it – we have it. Every event is prepared fully by the students for the students. Don’t you worry it’s not at all that these events are pointless, because each event has a life lesson in it that the participating children take a long way. We encourage full participation from every student so that any weaknesses and fears can be overcome.

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